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Taking care of business


Please use the above email address for any business propositions…I am happy to hear from you.

 I love to get and I’m always ready to consider offers and requests to write, speak, teach, and facilitate.

And while I am always willing to consider an arrangement that will reduce my fees for a cause that I can support, please try to remember that I have a family to feed!


Among the things I am available for:

1)      Speaking engagements

I am often engaged to speak at dinners, corporate retreats, conventions, graduations and commencements, and other public gatherings. I have spoken on subjects including current politics (local and international), travel, journalism, religion, terrorism (including one very cool Power Point presentation for a convention of Southeast Asian Police Intelligence chiefs on “Engaging the Media and the Public in the War on Terrorism”…that was fun.) If you need a speaker or or panellist or panel moderator, by all means drop me a line. Feel free to check the labels on the blog for a quick list of the topics I am more commonly called upon to discuss.

2)      Teaching

At the moment I am somewhat engaged and therefore unavailable for an entire semester; nevertheless, I am always happy to consider briefer engagements. I am happy to do a guest lecture or series, or run a seminar.   My areas of specialisation are: English, film, philosophy, critical thinking, politics, environment, writing, and journalism, but I am happy to prepare a specialised lecture on any topic, provided I have enough time to research and prepare. (As an example of custom tailored teaching assignments,  I recently gave a seminar on doing business in other cultures for thirty or so Indian and Indonesian sales managers about to be posted to cities all over the world. That was a lot of fun, too. )

3)      Writing

Given that I have written professionally my entire life and produced for clients everything from limericks to screen treatments, I’m always happy to look at any assignment or commission that crosses this screen. At the moment I am working on a book, but I will be delighted to consider other assignments if they are either  relatively brief or have long deadlines. I am in Southeast Asia at the moment, so travel assignments of up to 2 weeks would be just fine…I have done a number of them and they are easy to fit into my schedule.

(I might mention that I have considerable experience teaching and writing corporate sustainability reports, a practice of which I am a big proponent.)

As well, I am always happy to hear from publishers…I am at this point not married or even engaged to any one publishing house and am happy to discuss arrangements with any legitimate publisher interested in my work.


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