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What If…

  The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made On Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA) In my last column I proposed an answer to the question of what exactly is motivating Donald Trump to run for the presidency of the United States. I deliberately left out … [Continue reading]

Peering Inside the Candidate’s Head

Just one question: Why? Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND) The world of punditry has been thrashing around for about a year now, asking, and answering one another with speculation and educated guesses, why Donald Trump is running for the presidency of the … [Continue reading]

A Glimmer of Hope

Let’s Talk About the People Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND) I am trying to avoid writing entire columns on Donald Trump for a number of reasons. One is that I, like any other political writer or TV or Internet pundit, have to shoulder some responsibility … [Continue reading]

Time for a reckoning

Morality, Ethics, and November 2016 Pagun   (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Okay, that’s it; we’ve all had enough. The Trump candidacy started as a joke, got more and more serious, became a threat to civil society, and has now become something repellent … [Continue reading]

Either Or

The Choice Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Political campaigns in the United States have a venerable tradition of being rough, combative, and down and dirty; not for the faint of heart or the thin of skin. In the last few election cycles, though, the race … [Continue reading]


Why the Trump faithful are impervious to reason Pagun   (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Progressives, liberals, and especially registered Democrats are bewildered by Donald Trump’s ability to commit every sin against political orthodoxy and human decency … [Continue reading]

A Post Trump America

The Hangover Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Describing what the world would look like during a hypothetical Donald Trump presidency has become something of a cottage industry, with pundits predicting everything from a glorious rebirth of a prosperous and … [Continue reading]

Is Dialectic Dead?

When did “consensus” become a dirty word? Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Anyone who spends a great deal of time, as I do, reading online news feeds, news analysis, and op-eds is bound to be fed up with the hyperbolic headlines that herald fairly … [Continue reading]

Life With JJ

Thoughts About Fatherhood Pagun   (VANCOUVER ISLAND) My son JJ just graduated from Grade 1 and is now home for the summer.  I remember being that age, when the two months of summer school holidays stretched out in front of me like a nearly … [Continue reading]

A Closer Look

Trying to Figure Out the Trump Phenomenon (Part 2) Pagun (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Since there is a dearth of firm policy statements coming from the Trump camp we have to look at the general tone and atmosphere of his campaign. Even his supporters will … [Continue reading]