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Stupid is as stupid does.

Religions aren’t all the same

Patrick Guntensperger

VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA –There is a substantial group of people out there who reads from of this collection of essays and criticisms regularly; I have an even larger number of people each day who read my pieces for the first time. For those of you whose notice it may have escaped…I am a liberal.

I’ll go farther than that; in many ways I can fairly be described as a socialist. I stop short of communism, although I have a great deal of sympathy for much of Marx’s economic writing; I just don’t have his faith in the historic inevitability of the class struggle as he sees it, and history seems to have borne out my view. Nevertheless, I believe strongly in the strength and character of the human individual and therefore I believe in society’s perfectibility, and that the only way we will achieve that is through concerted and coordinated effort, shared struggle and contribution and rational distribution of the fruits of those labours. I believe that together we can achieve far more than we can as individuals, and human constructs such as governments are the best tools to achieve shared human goals. That’s why civilised countries have roads, harbours, airports, police forces, city councils, universities, universal health care systems, universal education systems, fire departments, national parks, seniors’ drop-in centres, and playgrounds. 

But this piece isn’t about the social benefits of actions created and supported financially by communities…it’s about religion; I bring politics up first just to forestall my being pigeonholed into a political category because of my views; I am going to offend many people with what I say, and I genuinely hope it enrages some…as long as they actually think about some of my propositions.

To begin with, let me make it clear that I abhor all religions. Every single one of them. I hold the Abrahamic religions in the greatest contempt simply because they are the most familiar to me, and because they are the source of so much of the suffering, brutality, hatred, and violence in the world today, and have been through the last two thousand years. Meanwhile their parent religions accounted for all the Biblical mayhem, cruelty and bloodshed. But all religions are stupid. And if an idea can be described as evil…religion itself is evil.

Having said all that, and undoubtedly having pissed a few people off already (I expect that, people are very protective of their core, self-defining beliefs, particularly so when they are indefensible) I take the biggest risk when I say this: Although all religions are stupid and dangerous…all religions are not the same. They can be differentiated, of course, but it is clear that one religion in particular at the moment is infinitely worse for the present and possibly the future than the others.Imagine!

For all of the sheer, blind, stupidity of Judaism and Christianity, Islam outweighs the other Abrahamic religions in its current state of gullibility, stupidity, bigotry, misogyny, arrogance, brutality, self-righteousness, violence, ignorance, and anti-humanism.

If I ever doubt the perfectibility of humankind, that doubt arises directly from my observation of the stupidity, the mindless, absurd, uncritical, intellectually vacuous, and self-contradictory way in which the pinnacle of evolution…humankind…fritters away much of its existence and destroys the promise of an enlightened society – by talking, and worse, listening to an imaginary psychopathic friend who encourages bigotry, intolerance, violence, and hatred.

But the most pernicious of these delusions is the Islamic delusion.

Islam (and to a lesser extent, all other members of religions), listen carefully… I have the right to criticise, insult, or make fun of anyone or anything I want. I can burn any book I own, I can use its pages for toilet paper, or to draw pictures of the people it mentions having sex with fanciful animals in the margins. I can make up songs, shoot movies or draw cartoons of any religion or its members or founders; and I may do those things without apologising to you or anyone else. That is my right as a free human being. You, on the other hand DO NOT have the right to kill me, threaten me, kill others who look like me, who come from the same country or culture as me or anyone else. I didn’t sign onto your insultingly stupid belief system, and I don’t subscribe to your idiocy, and I am most certainly not bound by its moronic bylaws. So back off; get over it, and go back to praying, if that’s what amuses you. Or alternatively, grow up.

It is true that to insult a deeply held belief of another’s is rude. That is, it is bad manners and it is thoughtless if done gratuitously, with a simple intention of insulting. That is culture-baiting. To disagree is not. To refuse to obey the religious rules of a religion not your own is not. To refuse to be bullied out of a secular worldview is not heresy. To discuss rationally the irrationality of a religion is not a sin against god, it isn’t blasphemy, or a crime against nature; it might be risky, but it’s not even bad manners, per se. For people to mob the streets, kill diplomats, rage against an entire culture, or fly passenger planes into office buildings because of a perceived slight is not civilised, not holy, and not deserving of the slightest concession other than retribution. Moreover it is unlikely to reap anything but more hatred and violence and a very focused effort to wipe that religion and its adherents off the face of the earth.

While I would love to see an end to all religion, I certainly don’t want to see the genocide of one, even one particularly noxious religion; but violence begets violence and that is the rallying point of the outrage junkies that are the visible representatives of Islam. 

Islam is a religion of violence. Yes, it is changing; it is changing for the worse. For over a thousand years Islam was a religion of tolerance, philosophy and science; it eclipsed anything the West (held back by its own idiotic Christian sect) had to offer…it was the pinnacle of education, reason, and esthetics, looked up to as the very embodiment of civilisation. But “fundamental” Islam has taken over, driven by power hungry political leaders who misuse the religion and have driven it back to the Iron Age in an effort to foment hatred of the West; all for the political advantage of a few. Now the religion is violent, hate-filled and ultimately moribund. It is dangerously fanatical and it is forcing a confrontation with a technologically and intellectually superior society that could ultimately end in the demise of what is called Islam today. The West is intellectually superior, because despite the efforts of the half-witted fundamental” Christians, there is still a spirit of independence and free thought.

A society that (even vestigially) honours independent thought will always prevail over one that discourages dissent. When dissent is discouraged with brutal violence, that culture is doomed. Unless Islam changes and changes soon, it is doomed.

But is up to the people of Islam to begin to think for themselves, if the people were to decide to resist the idiots in charge who tell them to take vengeance on the West because of a moron who privately produced a twelfth rate Islam-baiting little YouTube video, that would be step in the right direction. If nothing else, it would disarm the idiots who make those vile videos.

To them, Islamic protestors are like particularly stupid little kittens…all one has to do is dangle a bit of string with some paper tied to the end and the dumb gullible, animal behaves predictably. Islam has become that predictable, and to certain dipshits in the west, that endlessly amusing. But the game is only fun because it so clearly reveals the underlying cruelty and mindlessness of the kitten.

They go for it every time.


Hmm, tough call.

And Islam requires prayer FIVE times a day!



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  1. I have to agree with you that religion is evil. It promotes hatred and violence. They are mocking each other while there is no solid proof that one religion is the most correct. I do hope one day people would be intelligent enough not to be blinded by religion when taking actions, especially actions that can impact the society in a negative way.

  2. Thanks for your feedback!

    I only disagree with one thing; I don’t think violence is the result of people who are blinded by religion…it is the result of people who are GUIDED by religion!

    Great to hear from you!

  3. sorry, wrong box. See my message posted above. Whilst I think of it, is Obama guided or blinded by religion?

    • I have too much respect for Obama to think either. It’s an awful world we’ve created when the highest compliment I can pay him is that I believe he pays lip service to religion and is just too smart to buy the nonsense; of course, he’s also smart enough to know that if he doesn’t pretend for form’s sake, someone who will go all religious will get elected instead of him. Remember when Pat Robertson ran?

      I’d rather have a US President who pretends to be religious to get elected and then lives by actual ethics and behaves morally than one who really is religious and therefore a psychotic; dangerous, ignorant, and self-righteous, while lacking in any ethics or morals. Take Pat Robertson. Or Jerry Falwell Or Rick Santorum. Or Michelle Bachman. Please

  4. For consistency, this is the post to which you refer:

    JFrom: john

    Message Body:
    Powerful set of writing coming out here. Do you think you would be so dogmatic? when writing about the world’s non-religious problems – let’s say the economic crisis in Greece

    • Dear John:

      Thank you; it’s something I feel strongly about. I don’t know that I’m dogmatic, but if I am, I would be every bit as dogmatic on the subject of the Greek financial crisis.

      The current global financial crisis was caused by an excess of duplicity fueled by staggering greed. Everywhere. In Greece the cultural predisposition to rampant corruption within the government services exacerbates the situation.

      In a nutshell, the worldwide financial meltdown was the result of the fictitious creation of value. That is to say, banks valued all sorts of paper that had absolutely no intrinsic value; speculators put ridiculous values on things that were worthless, didn’t exist at all, or were genuinely worth very little, and then sold them. The buyers resold them at even higher prices. Fortunes were being made but nothing was being produced.

      Here an analogy: I have a dog and you have a cat. I want yours and you want mine. So I put a price on my dog of 1 million dollars….you price your cat at 1 million dollars. Then we exchange bills of sale and tell some unsuspecting members of the pet buying public that these million dollar animals are real growth engines; why they went from about $45 dollars apiece to over a million overnight! And I have the paper trail to prove it. So we sell them to some poor schmucks for 2 million apiece on credit. Maybe they sell them for a profit, maybe they don’t. One way or another the whole house of cards will come crashing down and everyone owes us a shitload of money. We (Wall Street) make out like bandits, everyone else gets burned, and then we ask the government to give us cash because our creditors can’t pay us for our cat and dog who have since died.

      Greece is holding onto a cat and a dog that have gone the way of all mortal creatures, but they still owe for them. They’ll never be able to pay it all off and the average Zorba can’t afford a glass of retsina; meanwhile the financial wizards who flogged him the initial valueless investment are being bailed out for their “losses”.

      It’s a racket; governments are guilty on both sides…complicity in the fraud, and gullibility as investors in valueless financial instruments.

      If that’s dogmatic enough maybe I ought to address the financial crisis in more detail in a larger article!

      Thanks very much for your feedback.


  5. With regards to your article, I must agree, except to say “No Pagun, you do not have the right to insult and make fun of people no matter how stupid, violent or anything else they might be.” To make fun of or insult a thing (book, religion, etc) is ok. Nobody has the right to bully and in my mind insulting and making fun of people is a form of bullying. This is all irrelevant to the article which makes perfect sense.

    Now with regards to Greece… oh where to start? I’ll wait for the article.

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