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Bali: Travels with Zippy 2

Bali, Indonesia

Patrick Guntensperger


We started our second and last day in Bali by cruising up past the fabled terraced padi fields to a volcano, just letting the atmosphere of Bali soak in. After so long in Jakarta, It’s hard to believe you’re in the same country. I am close to the edge of my sanity, my temper is at a razor’s edge, and I am desperate to get out of Indonesia. But even 48 hours in Bali has random thoughts of retirement here wafting through my tropical-atmosphere-addled brain. It is serene, gentle, tolerant, where Jakarta is hostile, angry, and devoid of courtesy. Bali even smells better. A lot better.

 During that first day and the next we ate overlooking the utterly astonishing and legendary terraced fields, rode motorcycles up a volcano, visited a monkey forest where I think I got engaged, toured the famous nightclubs  (including the rebuilt Paddy’s where 80 tourists were murdered by terrorists), visited practically empty beaches, bought souvenirs on Poppy’s lanes 1 & 2 (winding back alleys of kiosks, fake anything, T shirts, Viagra, Cialis,

The Kendi Mas...highly recommended

The Kendi Mas (Golden Jug?) a great boutique hotel in Bali

and acid vendors, surf shops, legal magic mushroom stands, bars and the occasional really good restaurant. It was over all too soon.


For everything I have said and will likely say again or more stridently about the abortion of a country that is Indonesia, I love Bali! Enjoy the pics below:

If you think there no carbon emissions, it depends on the driver's lunch

Still the best way to get around on Java

An Ancient way of mountain rice farming

Padi fields from our restaurant

It was my banana she was after

In the monkey forest near Ubud

The South Seas; no wonder we dream about them

Kuta isn't the only or even best of Bali's beaches

my loves

the loves of my life

Looks cool, but he has a movie star's temperment.

A very serious, philosophical ape. Makes me think of me.

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