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Mohammed: get the picture? or “Show me the Prophet!”

A picture is worth…

Patrick Guntensperger

Jakarta, Indonesia


Islam is a religion of peace; the sword is for circumcisions only

Although the world is chock full of news of genuine significance, the front pages of Jakarta newspapers are preoccupied with a real crisis. It seems that an elementary school in Solo, Central Java has a book in its library called “Interesting Stories of the Prophet’s Childhood”. That’s not the crisis; the crisis is that if you look very hard you could find an illustration that is intended to depict Muhammed’s mother holding the Prophet as a baby. The crude drawing has the baby deliberately blurred and it is impossible to make out anything other than the rather poorly drawn general outline of a swaddled newborn in the arms of a woman who is dressed much like the Virgin Mary is usually depicted, except that her veil is brown rather than the traditional blue.

 The horror, the horror! Islamic fundamentalists are up in arms over this blasphemy and bloodshed is demanded by the truly devout. This, after all, constitutes a depiction of the Prophet, something prohibited under Islamic tradition. Heads will surely roll. Department of education functionaries, the school principal, librarian, and everyone else remotely connected to this obscenity is running for cover, passing the buck, shifting the blame, and otherwise behaving as though something is seriously wrong. Let us not forget that this is a country in which elementary schools’ entire budgets have been embezzled, resulting in roof collapses which killed dozens of students, and those responsible were merely censured. They were not even required to return the money they stole, and even kept their positions.

 A little history is perhaps in order here. The reason that depictions of the Prophet are haram in most traditions comes from the Christian schism known as iconoclasm. During the days of the Byzantine Empire, the Christian church nearly tore itself apart as one segment felt that the veneration of icons was a contravention of the 3rd Commandment delivered by Moses, the injunction to have no graven images or likenesses, while the other segment worshipped relics (bones of saints, pieces of the cross, scraps of fabric alleged to have been touched by Jesus, etc.) and icons. Icons took many forms, but whether they were paintings, sculptures, mosaics, bass reliefs, or hammered metal, the iconoclasts (lit. “image breakers”) did their level best to destroy them. The power and authority of the iconoclasts versus the image worshippers swung back and forth for centuries with the pendulum finally favouring the worshippers of graven images (fortunately, or much of our Renaissance artwork wouldn’t exist).

 While this internecine battle raged, a new warrior religion (contrary, I’m sorry to say, to the claims that Islam is a religion of peace) was growing at an astonishing pace and conquering much of the Middle East; the leaders wanted to preclude this kind of doctrinal debate and determined that, in an effort to prevent the deification of Mohammed as the result of people creating and worshipping his image, they would prohibit the depiction of the Prophet. The idea was to avoid venerating him as anything greater than the last prophet before the arrival of the Messiah. Above all, Mohammed was not to be worshipped; hence the prohibition.

 Islam today has turned this on its head. They have made a god of Mohammed; a god of such sanctity that people are killed for drawing his likeness, much in the same way that the ancient Hebrews saw it as sacrilegious to speak the name of their god. This is the exact reversal of the reason for the original prohibition. Those who are offended by the likeness in the schoolbook are, according to true Islamic doctrine, far guiltier than those whom they accuse of creating graven images. They have contravened the 2nd of Moses’ commandments. They have placed a god before the Mosaic god. But they have gone further; they are guilty of creating a god. Only a god, which Mohammed most definitely was not, need be revered to the point of such a furor over his depiction in a schoolbook. Only a god is so utterly apart from and above humanity that his image is unfit for human eyes. If Mohammed was anything, he was human.

 It is becoming apparent that the Islamic fundamentalists here in Indonesia and elsewhere in the Islamic world have become outrage junkies. It is time to add common sense, moderation, and tolerance to the anger that characterises the hard-liners’ worldview…Mohammed, the man, would approve.



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  1. Who is prophet Mohammed ( peace and blessing be upon him)?   He is the one who defended the rights of all humanity 1400 years ago. He defended men’s, women’s and children rights. He commanded and fostered the love between relatives and nighboors. He established a coaxistence relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims. He organized the relationship between the members of the family putting duties on sons and daughters towards their parents. He fought injustice, called for justice, love, unity and cooperation for good. He called for helping the needy, visiting the patients, love and exchanging advises between people. He prohibited (by orders from God) bad manners such as stealing, lying, toturing and murdering. He is the one who change our lives and manners to be better.   A muslim doesnt steal… A muslim doesnt lie… A muslim doesnt drink alcohol… A muslim doesnt commit adultery… A muslim doesnt cheat… A muslim doesnt kill innocent ppl… A muslim doesnt harm his nighboors… A muslim obeys his parents and help them.. A muslim is kind to young and elderly ppl, to women and to weak people.. A muslim doesnt torture humans or even animals and doesnt harm tree.. A muslim loves his wife, doesnt cheat on her and take care of his children and show mercy towards them until the last day of his life… A muslim’s relationship towards his children never stop even when they become adults…   He is Muhammed (PBUH) Did you know why all muslims love Muhammed?? Do you know what does Muhammed mean for muslims?? Every muslim loves Muhammed more than himself and more than Everything in his life.   Before judging a muslim be fair and : – listen to this person, and watch his doings – compare his ideas and teachings with what is islam and prophet Muhammed ordered. – if you think That his thoughts are typical to That of islam and prophet Muhammed, and the compare them with his doings is He applying these teachings?? if He is applying these teachings and sayings so for sure representrepresents islam, if not then He calls himself a muslim but doesnt respect islam.   HINT : prophet Muhammed is the best muslim, no muslim can be as perfect as He was, muslims try their best to be typical muslim like prophet Muhammed but sometimes they disobey God and prophet as they are normal humans who are subject to do wrong but the repent and get back to the right path.   Befor you insult this great person you have to know more about him if He is bad and deserves That or not. You can know more about prophet Muhammed on this website :   And the last thing That i want to say That we love jesus and his mother and we believe on them Buy also we love prophet Muhammed and we believe on him as well (PBUH).. And my advise to you is to know more about islam and the last prophet Muhammed before you loose thise opportunity..

    • Thank you for your impassioned views.

      I approve with all my heart of most of the virtues you cite as being Muslim virtues (I take issue with abstention from alcohol, but what the hell) . To refrain from lying, cheating, violence, etc.etc. is certainly commendable. You say that:

      ” A muslim doesnt harm his nighboors… A muslim obeys his parents and help them.. A muslim is kind to young and elderly ppl, to women and to weak people.. A muslim doesnt torture humans or even animals and doesnt harm tree..”

      I don’t know which Muslim you mean, but if you mean ALL Muslims, that’s (to put it gently) utter bullshit. I have never met a single Muslim who embodies the virtues you mention. NOT ONE. But then I’ve never met a single human being who embodies all of those virtues either.

      The truth is that Islam is a warrior religion and it is an anachronism as are ALL religions.

      If one accepts that the virtues you claim as Islamic are really virtues, wouldn’t it be better simply to live up to them WITHOUT having a carrot and stick to shove you along? How about just behaving virtuously? Why do you need a long dead camel trader to guide you? Why do you need to be rewarded with virgins to fuck and endless supplies of wine to swill for living a life of abstention from adultery and alcohol?

      Islam is a mindless religion adhered to by morons. So is Christianity. So are cargo cults.

      Your religion and the others are responsible for most of violence, hatred, cruelty, and bigotry in the world.

      I’ve lived in Christian countries and I’ve lived in Muslim countries. While both Christians and Muslims are at their intellectual lowest points when they are most fervently celebrating their religion; I have to say that,on balance, Muslims, particularly in groups, are even more violent, intolerant, and hate-driven than Christians. And that’s going some distance.

      A pox on all of your houses.

      Thanks for your feedback


      • just sumone says:

        Bitch, Please ! Dont yuh have any other way to earn money than talk shit about other peoples religon and beliefs. And talking about religon, do u really know anything about it ? Even i can do this kind of shitty work with the help of google. Go tell ya mama her son is just a sick fuck !

        • First of all, I want to thank you for your graphic demonstration of the accuracy of my observations concerning the intellectual capacity of the devout. I will leave your post here since it it so convincingly supports my points.

          Beyond that, I have nothing to say; that’s mostly because I am simply not equipped to engage with an intellectual powerhouse like you.

          Thanks for your very penetrating and thoughtful feedback. Really. I mean it.

  2. shakeel khan says:

    That is not the way human can have peace on earth.this whole approached to other people religion mad me very sad, so much anger exist. There is no way humen will ever live togather with peace and respect.we all just going to die one day and bring all this anger and hate with us to the grave and cycle will go on. i wish God / Allah / Bhagwan / or what ever you believe in , show us the right way.
    peace on all.

  3. Thank you for the last three words before your signature, shakeel.

    What makes ME sad is that you, as a religious person cannot understand why a normal rational person would have anger when confronted by the murder of innocent men, women, and children done in the name of their religion. If your desire for peace were to be taken seriously, you would need to express outrage at the terrorism that is carried out in the name of Islam and condemn the behaviour of the vicious madmen who do it, support it, or close their eyes to it. Until you are prepared to do that with the same fervour with which you defend Islam against criticism, you have no credibility whatsoever..




    Your response overwhelmed me; my mind is stormed with answers to every single of your words. Just for start i will begin by clarify that i am not religious person am in for humanity not religion. No one, i mean no one’s hands are clean because it takes 2 hands to claps not one. Muslim countries are suffering terribly; this ideology is imposed on over billion Muslims by few thousand religious fanatic clowns and murderers. I too lost 2 childhood friends to suicide bombers on different occasions while they were out doing normal things, like grocery shopping and on the way to work. In these 2 attacked about 103 peoples lost their live and twice as many injured, the killers and the people who got killed were all Muslims. In the western world no one is listening to average persons out cry about rejection of these religious sick people. By the way fanatic people exist in every single religion; I do not need to go into details about bloody and corrupt history of Christianity until Western world got educated and distance away from religious fanatics in mid 19th century. Islam too is going through the same critical time in the history. It is a turning point for Muslim world; uprising can be seen all over. One day these few thousand crazy illiterate will come out of the dark side and learn the real Islam or any religion, because there is no religion out there that teaches its followers to kill innocents. Men, Women and children’s are getting killed by dozen every day to suicide bomber in Muslim countries just because peoples has rejected the terrorist organizations across the board, hence me and all Muslims are strongly condemning their attacks on any nations and humanity. We also need Christian world to stand besides us and condemn all LEGAL attacks on innocent all over the Muslim countries done by so called coalition partners.

    Peter, unfortunately you got it all wrong. Do more research, reach out to educated people and find out the facts. We human need to gather under one umbrella against other problems like disease, hunger , education etc…Human race can’t afford bloodshed in the name of Religion. Please stop insulting religion because it is not helping the situation but energizing terrorist.

    Keeps the conversation flowing,Thanks.

    Peace on all

  5. Dear Shakeel:

    First of all, my name isn’t Peter.

    As to the substance of your comment: I really don’t follow your reasoning. On the one hand you claim that all religions are steeped in a history of corruption and violence. (I agree absolutely). And yet on the other, you object to my criticising the violence inherent in the religious mindset.

    On the one hand you acknowledge that Islamic fanatics are responsible for brutal terrorism throughout the Middle East and that you have friends who were killed by fanatics out of devotion to their religion. (That terrorism is global, incidentally…I have a scar on my left cheekbone from a the blast of an Islamic terrorist’s suicide bomb that killed a friend and maimed several others – in Southeast Asia). And yet you claim that my mentioning these things is “insulting religion”. You are not religious, you say : ” i am not religious person am in for humanity not religion” . And yet you can’t see the next logical step and recognise that religion is responsible for these deaths and the vast suffering of humanity that you talk about.

    You believe (or seem to) that all religions have equal guilt and equal validity, and yet you must recognise that each religion REQUIRES that to be a believer you accept that yours is the true faith and therefore all others are false. Equal validity is denied by their own doctrines; equal guilt is an empirical matter. Over history equal culpability may well be true, but show me one Christian terrorist bombing in the last decade; I’ll show you thousands of Islamic terrorist murders.

    You mention in your email a dozen examples of the evils committed in the name of religion; I challenge you to show me one positive benefit that isn’t available more readily through a secular worldview.

    You say that it is a small minority of Muslims who adhere to the violence you describe, and that you condemn it. Congratulations. Most rational people condemn random violence against innocent people. Why don’t Islamic religious leaders stand up and condemn the violence with the same fervour with which it is called for by fanatic terrorist religious leaders? Credible Islamic leaders remain remarkably silent.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t even understand what you’re arguing for.


    • Shakeel Khan says:

      Dear Patrick,
      My Sincere apology for typing your name wrong.
      I need to make one correction to my last statement regarding religious corruption, I strongly believe teaching of any religion is not at fault, I have problem with the people’s interpretation of religion. Growing as Muslim in Muslim country no one ever taught me that other religion is false and our faith is the right one, like you stated. We Muslim obligated to have faith in all prophets sent by God for mankind thus Islam is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity.
      As much I know, every Muslim scholar and leader has condemn terrorist including Imam of Qabah every year at the time of yearly HAJJ pilgrimage before 5 million people and to the entire world. It is so ironic that you limit the history of Christianity to the last decade, just like that. And pointing finger toward few followers of Islam yet who interpret religion to their own liking, they do not represent me or my religion.

      peace on all


      • Shakeel Khan says:

        Dear Patrick,
        What is your view on root cause of terrorism; killing, bombing of hundred of thousand children, women and civilian in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine , Over fifty thousand Muslims were killed by the name of religion in Bosnia by Christian , Sixty five thousand kashmiries were killed by Indian army since last 60 years . I am just touching the surface in the very recently history. Do you see any retaliation from some fanatic Muslims? How many people from western world or Christian world spoke against it? I don’t know many. I saw many sign front of people’s houses “Killed them all God will sort it out Later “.Now; should I blame Christianity? Nope, I will not. Because I know better than that. You need to consider doing the same and differentiate religion from local customs In Muslim countries. Is that enough for my reasoning?

        Peace on all

        • I maintain that if there were no religious teachings to misinterpret, there would be no religious violence. The fundamental purpose of religion is to set adherents above non believers. Religion is intrinsically divisive and if people were prepared to think for themselves instead of obeying their priest, pope, imam or rabbi, the world would be more peaceful and fewer murders would occur. Whitewash it all you want, but the genocide attempts to which you refer would simply never have happened if there were no religions to divide the people into antagonistic groups. Whether one group was responsible or another group refrained from retaliation is immaterial; the cause of the violence was religion and religious teachings. religion inspires hatred and it is evil. Some religions are more hate-filled than others and some followers are more violent than others. And I don’t care in the slightest which fairy tale you or anyone else believes. Keep it to yourself and stop supporting the teachings that cause so much human misery.

          Peace? Get rid of religion if you want peace!


          • Shakeel Khan says:

            Dear Patrick,
            Before we go with more conversation, please can you be more specific what religion we need to get rid off? Is that , christanity, Islam, Judism, Hinduism, etc…

            peace on all


            • Every one of them. And I don’t advocate “getting rid of” them. I advocate people coming to their senses and thinking for themselves. Their lives would open up, they would see more clearly, they would be freer, and they would find more love for other human beings, and the hatred would melt away.

              • Shakeel Khan says:

                Dear Patrick,
                It feels like you are in my side of the corner, two thumbs up Thank you. That is what exactly we need to do is melt away the hatred towards each other’s Color , Religion , Culture while creating better world for our children’s. Our children’s need the chance to live with each other with love and respect. I would expect from you to be the big man and start at some point. You will find me right beside you. Take a first step and do not single out Islam out of all religions on your web page. It is hurting huge number of people out there and not doing any good for long run. All educated and inform people for all walk of life knows that terrorist are not following teaching but their own agenda with name of God, Allah , Bagman etc… If you single out one religion, it; ill creat anger and hatred. Everyone look at you as another Christian man insulting Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and Islam. Again I hope you understand my point.

                Peace on all

                • I understand your point perfectly. I single out Islam only as currently the most militant religion as well as the fastest growing. As I said…all religions are evil, all should simply whither and die. I want universal brotherhood. Religion is the single biggest impediment to humans all over the world accepting one another as family. If religion would just go away, the world has a chance.


  6. Shakeel Khan says:

    Thanks for your honest answer.

  7. Ahmad Alghadhouri says:

     this is not a picture of the Prophet Muhammad, because the Prophet was shave the mustache and raise beard … either in this picture this man has a big mustach

    • Then nobody has to kill me.

      But just out of curiosity…have you seen a more accurate picture of the man called the Prophet Muhammad?

  8. Michelle Valentino says:

    I have been reading what you people have been saying. My answer to the arguments is this: Jesus and Prophet Muhammed both preached more or less the same thing. What went wrong is what the people did with the teachings. Like the Crusades, or the Ghihadists of today. Excuse Spelling. Michelle

    • Dear Michelle:

      And my argument is that it’s time people realised that the teachings themselves are full of xenophobia, hatred, bigotry, racism, vindictiveness, brutality, false science, false history, bad morals and little, if anything, of value. So, of course, what people do with bad teachings is going to be bad.

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