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Indonesia’s human rights in the 21st century « Center for Minority, Gender and Human Rights

 This is a piece that someone brought to my attention recently. I had forgotten I’d written it for a think tank. Not much has changed except for the progress being made on the adoption that is referred to toward the end of the article. I’ve added the photos just to put faces to the names cited in the piece for those unfamiliar with the political history of Indonesia.

Click on the title above if the piece is of any interest to you, it’s a link to the think tank’s website

SBY: Indonesia’s hesitant president
Megawati victorious: Won by appointment
Habibie: Dull, uncharismatic; a technocrat
The ever-likeable Gus Dur
taking one of his trademark naps
The Kalla/Wiranto ticket:
A flaky veep and an indicted war criminal
The Megawati/Prabowo ticket:
Dictator’s daughter and professional torturer
SBY: Waiting for history’s
verdict on his presidency
Soeharto; considered to be the most corrupt head of state in history.
(The Mountie is glad to be out of focus)

Soekarno: the man who started it all


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