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Psssst…do you think they can actually be serious?

More to be pitied than scorned
Patrick Guntensperger
Manado, Indonesia

I haven’t been away from North America for very long this time, but since I left, someone was kind enough to sign me up for the Tea Party’s wacky newsletter.


A compendium of the collective gibberings of a flock of village idiots, incoherent conspiracy theories, vicious personal slander, a jaw-dropping ignorance of their own history, any economics, all science, and anything that smacks of a higher than grade two educational level, it makes for truly hilarious reading.

If you ever thought that criticisms of the lowest common denominator of the American population were overstated, I encourage you to read this babble. You’ll laugh, as I did, until bladder control becomes a real issue!

Read this demented nonsense at 

Thanks very much to whoever signed me up! It made my day.

And now back to Planet Earth….

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