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Abuse of power: more fun with ministers

This post will not be an article written by me or by anyone else. Instead it is an email I received today purporting to be from Siti Fadilah Supardi, the Minister of Health for the Republic of Indonesia.

I wrote an opinion piece recently that was published in The Jakarta Globe . It poked fun at her bizarre handling of the Ministry and compared her management to a Marx Brothers’ farce. I also published a link to a thoughtful, if somewhat misguided rebuttal that some of the ministerial staff had written and was published in the readers’ forum in The Jakarta Globe. (You can find the piece and her staff’s opposing views in the blog archives under International Politics and Indonesian Politics)

Nevertheless, someone writing from what seems to be Doctor Siti’s email address and signed with her name and personal nickname took the time to send me a private email which I reproduce below. I will comment on it after I have given her an opportunity to acknowledge or deny having written it.

I spoke with the Dr Steven Bjorge to whom she refers, an epedemiologist working with the WHO, and an old aquiantance. He confirmed that he was indeed being sent to Delhi. When specifically asked whether his new posting was the result of pressure from Dr. Siti or her Ministry, he said, “no comment”. Any other question regarding whether this was voluntary or the result of being forced out by political influence, elicited the same “no comment”.

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I’m not Groucho Marx
Thursday, May 28, 2009 9:25 PM
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Hi.. Gunter ?
I got your email address from the net as usual, I am happy to inform you that I have kick out one of your WHO fellow from my country His name is Steven Bjorge, he has unappropriate wrong doing against my policy and my country, do you want to find out what is ..and why…. ? pls use your ability to investigate that will make you hot, I will not give you a clue Jakarta is a small place.

Take care,

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